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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Market Forecast Update: 9 January 2014, Thursday, 4.48pm Singapore Time


For those who forgot what I wrote about the Straits Times Index (STI) and Singapore Stocks Market, do read what I said as far back as August 2012 in the link above; see my track records, what I said from 2012-2014 and go figure out why the majority of you are bleeding in your investments despite a "seemingly strong-looking" STI.

Also, read my Property Market Analysis in detail too. They correlate. Only minority are doing well in the stocks market, because Central Banks' monies just managed to get into your pockets, trickling eventually through dividends and money sucking of retailer shops in the form of rents or dividend-related stuffs. Your dividend monies could well be retailer shops' or consumers' bleeding blood. So, if you bleed blood from your dividend stocks portfolio, the world could be fair afterall perhaps, and reflecting on this fairness might make you feel better.

Donovan Norfolk Ang

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