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Friday, 24 January 2014

Market Forecast Update: 24 January 2014, Friday, 11.59pm Singapore Time

Market Forecast Update:
24 January 2014, Friday, 11.59pm Singapore Time


My Spain IBEX Shorts, Hang Seng Index Shorts, Nikkei-225 Shorts,
France CAC40 Shorts, Euro STOXX 50, MSCI Singapore (SiMSCI),
Singapore Property Stocks Shorts, AUDUSD Shorts,
 are on Full House Royal Flush.

My Gold is also going up per anticipated.

Left with only USDJPY and EURUSD to give me green profits.

This is the selling storm which I had been alerting based on my Totality Analysis.

Rampant Selling.
Rampant Profits.

The sell off is still far from finished.
There is still much more downside to go.

It took November and December of 2013 to store this entire rain as warned beforehand.
There is so much rain to shower down. A rainstorm.
Those without umbrellas will be extremely wet and drenched, and burnt.

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