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Monday, 6 January 2014

Funds Flow Analysis (FFA): 6 January 2014, Monday, 6.00pm Singapore Time

Current Latest Computed Funds Flow Analysis (FFA):
For Worldwide Financial Markets:
6 January 2014, Monday, 6.00pm Singapore Time
The Donovan Norfolk Ang Funds Flow Analysis Indicator 
for Worldwide Financial Markets 
6 January 2014, Monday

Broad Markets / Big Markets / Big Wind Directions

European markets are in the first 2 hours of trading, while US markets (Dow, S&P500 and NASDAQ) are 4 hours 30 minutes away from opening for trading. 

Based on current latest computational results, Holdings Index Strength of Big Hands changed from -9.013 to -9.144 in strength on the Donovan Norfolk Funds Flow Index OscillatorOn the other front, Big Hands' Puts Holdings on hand changed from -5.052 to -5.556 in strength on the Donovan Norfolk Funds Flow Index Oscillator. 

Broad/Big Market (Big Wind Direction) Short-Term / Mid-Term Posture by Big Hands:

+ Third trading day of 2014:
Financial markets welcomed 2014 with nasty sell-offs as per warned.
+ All the storm clouds, unusual volumes, technical analyses and funds flow analyses were pointed out to you just before this major sell off.
+ In November and December of 2013, Big Hands were persistently accumulating huge SHORTS on financial markets worldwide while setting up price actions to lure the herd to buy: were you one such sheep inside the slaughtering herd?
+ For today, Big Hands are dual shorts for a fifth consecutive day since end of 2013: Bearish.
+ Big Hands increased Shorts today.
+ Big Hands increased Puts today.
+ Big Hands have been persistently Shorts and Bearish Puts in November and December of 2013.
+ The Puts are speculative and classified as non-protective.
+ As forewarned before it happened, World markets had used Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA for Algo/HFT trigger of sell-downs, i.e. DJIA around 16600 points to trigger a world sell-off.
+ This Algo / HFT trigger has been realised with precision last week.
+ Worldwide markets are still bearish biased and this sell-down is still far from over.
+ Hot Money and Smart Money had, as per warned in December, rotated away from Equities, Stocks and Bonds into the Metals Market.

+ Timeframe of worldwide selling: Tentatively projected to last until February/March 2014.

+ Financial Markets worldwide officially entering into critical stage from November 2013 to early 2014 (Tally with all your charts, they are all at critical multi-year resistances as of end of 2013).

+ Note that there was also unusual unloading volumes in SPDR Morgan Stanley Technology Index ETF (read for implications on NASDAQ and World Markets) as warned on 29 Dec 2013:

+ The following are the mid term sell-off correction targets as per analysed since 9 weeks ago with some new updates:
(you might like to refer to the accompanying detailed analysis links attached too):

1a. Malaysian FKLI: 
1,790 points and a whipsaw just below 1790 points as first target. ---> FIRST TARGET HIT ON 12 NOV 2013
breakdown of 1780 points as second target  ---> SECOND TARGET HIT ON 13 NOV 2013
1776 points as third target
breakdown of 1776 points as forth target

1b. Malaysian KLCI:
Breakdown of 1728-1750 points band as target
(refer: http://donovan-ang.blogspot.sg/2014/01/malaysia-klci-index-6-january-2014.html)

2. Hong Kong Hang Seng Index: 
22,770 points as first target ---> FIRST TARGET HIT ON 8 NOV 2013
21604.4 points as third target

3. India NIFTY Index:
6001 points as first target ---> FIRST TARGET HIT ON 21 NOV 2013

4. UK FTSE100: 
6500-6550 points ---> TARGET HIT ON 3 DEC 2013

5. Germany DAX: 
8700-8750 points

8. US NASDAQ Composite: 
3700 points

2930-2950 points ---> TARGET HIT ON 12 DEC 2013

10. Dow Jones Industrial Index (DJIA):
14750 points as first target
breakdown of 14750 points as second target

11. EURUSD: 
1.34000 ---> TARGET HIT ON 7 NOV 2013 
12. GBPUSD: 
1.59000 as first target ---> FIRST TARGET HIT TWICE IN NOV 2013
1.57000-1.57500 as second target

13. NZDUSD: 
0.81000 ---> TARGET HIT ON 29 NOV 2013

14. AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, CHF will generally be weak until the corrections end. 

15. Euronext Brussels Bel20 Index:
2740-2780 points as first target ---> FIRST TARGET HIT ON 6 DEC 2013
2600-2632 points as second target

16. Singapore Straits Times Index (STI):
2600 points as target

Broad/Big Market (Big Wind Direction) Long Term Outlook by Big Hands:

The depth of this anticipated short-mid term sell off will reveal clearer skies and whether previous long term outlook still hold.

Donovan Big Hands Funds Flow Computational Oscillator

Donovan's Funds Flow Analysis Index Oscillator:
-10 ----- 0 ------+10
Donovan's Funds Flow Analysis Strength-Index Scale Key:
negative (-ve) = shorting;
positive (+ve) = longing;
0: No shorts and no longs (direction-less)
1-2: Weak strength / weak holdings
3-4: Moderate strength / moderate holdings
5-6: Strong strength / high holdings
7-8:Very strong strength / very high holdings
9-10:: Rally Mode in store if +ve / Plunging Mode in store if -ve

Implication of Broad Markets/Big Markets/Big Wind Indices Directions
If it is a rising tide in Index Big Wind, most or almost all stock boats generally rise;
If it is a receding tide in Index Big Wind, most or almost all stock boats generally go lower.
Hence the importance of Big Wind Directions blown by Big Hands.

Donovan Norfolk Ang

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