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Monday, 27 January 2014

Hang Seng Index Intraday: 27 January 2014, Monday, 4.46pm Singapore Time

Hang Seng Index Intraday: 27 January 2014, Monday, 4.46pm Singapore Time

Attached is the Hang Seng Index Intra-day Technical Analysis

Worldwide Markets are expected to make the 1-3 days immediate term dead cat bounce soon.
The RED LINE SUPPORT will serve as the trigger for immediate term dead cat technical rebound.

Hang Seng Index will rebound to 22000 (INNER YELLOW BAND) or 22400 points ( OUTER YELLOW BAND) to store energy for the next wave of sell-offs.

Worldwide financial markets will coordinate together too, with the most bearish markets rebounding least and the most bullish markets rebounding most during this very immediate term escape wave.

The next sell-off resumption will see Hang Seng Index hit my target of 21604.4 points, a target which was laid out nakedly during November and December of 2013. All other markets will also start to sell-off by then.

Note that if Hang Seng Index plunges below the RED LINE SUPPORT, the 1-3 days technical dead cat bounce ends immediately to resume the mid-term selling wave. This, in itself, presents a non-insignificant probability.

Any technical dead cat bouncing rebound is a sell/short/unload.

This worldwide sell-off as warned in end of 2013 is far from finished, unless it has caused sufficient price damages to stocks and equities portfolio worldwide. As per warned in November and December of 2013 to get out at the peak short term rebounds, late buyers will suffer significant stocks, equities and financial market losses.

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