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Thursday, 9 January 2014

France CAC40 Index: 9 January 2014, Thursday, 9.45pm Singapore Time

France CAC40 Index: 9 January 2014, Thursday, 9.45pm Singapore Time

Attached above is my trading set-up for the French CAC 40 Index. 

As per highlighted above using the RED COLOURED illustration, the Big Hands, Smart Money and Market Movers used the entire price action within that RED time frame to do their shorting set up. In November to December of 2013, price actions were laid up for worldwide stocks, equities and indices to be shorted by the worldwide smart money. French market is just one of the numerous examples I had highlighted previously.

As an additional reminder, Investors out there with investment portfolio should be cautious of market movements.

As above:
More Shorts on France executed at 4258 points.

Additional Opinions by Donovan:
Note that as per highlighted in my Facebook Page as well as on my Facebook profile wall, the new socialist-oriented policies (especially the hefty taxes on the rich) implemented by the current French government are very damaging to French economy. This is suicidal and France will become the sick economy of Europe.

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Donovan Norfolk Ang

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1 comment:

  1. between france and spain, which is a better bet to shot ?
    read the spain has been improving on its economy , jobless rate, PMI etc