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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Gold Market: 31 July 2012, Tuesday, 11.45pm

Gold Market: 31 July 2012, Tuesday, 11.45pm

Gold Market: Up-trend Ended with Strong Intention

Gold is about to finish its consolidation. Only a break-up above the red trend line will negate the damaged price structures and carry on a long term up-trend (Low probability). Otherwise, the Gold trend has been damaged. As early as July 2011 to October 2011, Big Hands had been inducing greed for distribution (Central Banks of Emerging Markets keep loading Gold, retailers buy up and loading Gold, and Gold became no brainer buy, with majority of market participants holding paper losses now based on volume analysis). The insiders have signalled their confirmation of intentions at the end of 2011 and during March 2012, dumping with acceleration. No insider is buying up Gold during this technical rebounds based on Price-Volume Analysis of last few months. If Gold is not even bought up, no one should even be bullish about stocks and the financial markets.

If one is still holding Gold investments and financial investments generally, one should be very cautious. Do not go into any longs in stocks, commodities, indices, futures, Gold and Silver. Calculated downside projection for Gold and Gold ETF as follows:

Gold Target = $1127.94

Donovan Rating: 
Short Commodities, Short Gold

Monday, 23 July 2012

Noble Group: 23 July 2012, Monday, 11.05pm Singapore Time

Noble Group: 23 July 2012, Monday, 11.05pm Singapore Time

Noble Group: Weak Price Structure in this commodity stock has broken down today; next phase of sell downs will eye immediately for
1. 85cents first Double Top Target 1
2. 80cents immediate waveform price satisfaction point.
3. 68cents Double Top Target 2
4. 57cents new purple price structure break-down target.

Donovan Rating: accumulate immediate SHORTS as indicated in Technical Analysis Chart. Short down this stock until capitulation selling (margin calls) and retailers/investors cannot breathe.

Looking to queue for more Shorts at $1.06 - $1.00 (Casting multi-layered net at this range)


Existing Noble Shorts, Refer:


World markets are beginning the next phase of financial crisis and world trades are set to hit hard. Noble, a commodity stock, is now reacting and confirming to financial markets on the Bear Market in world trades. The major support is breached with intentional breaching volume. 
Noble is also a confirmation on weakness of BRICs, Brazil, Russia, India and China. The BRICs will have nasty Shortwaves coming (refer: http://donovan-ang.blogspot.sg/2012/07/donovan-bric-ex-russia-index-19-july.html)

Best of luck to your trades and investments.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Added Trade: Genting SP Shorts, 19 July 2012, Thursday, 10.05am

Added Trade: Genting SP Shorts, 19 July 2012, Thursday, 10.05am
Previous batches of Genting Shorts are in the money. 
Added Genting Shorts at $1.32

Donovan-Singapore Banking Index: 19 July 2012, Thursday, 7.10am

Donovan-Singapore Banking Index: 19 July 2012, Thursday, 7.10am

Even the strongest group is coming to a short term reversal. This coincides with Big Hands Shorts as well as further sell-downs to be expected in STI, HSI, SENSEX, SSE (Shanghai Composite Index), KOSPI, FTSE MIB, IBEX, DAX, CAC, FTSE100, DJIA, STOXX 50, S&P500 and NASDAQ.

Monday, 16 July 2012

ING Groep NV (Dutch Banking Group) Technical Analysis: 16 July 2012, Monday, 11.35am Singapore Time

ING Groep NV (Dutch Banking Group) Technical Analysis: 16 July 2012, Monday, 11.35am Singapore Time

Even Banking Groups outside the limelight of EU Zone are into trouble. 
Dominoes falling to accelerate soon. 

ING Groep NV: Triple High Selling Pressured Resistance exerted by the RED ZONE indicated. Weak Price Structure consolidation ended with breakdown of BLACK and ORANGE supports in 2011 and 2012; market patience with Eurozone has ended. Not only has Spain IBEX broken down the most critical of all critical supports, even those outside the limelight and had been quiet are facing judgement day music in Europe. 

Donovan Rating: accumulate next batch of mid term and long term SHORTS as indicated in Technical Analysis Chart (available for shorting in igmarkets)

The tornadoes are blowing strong. If one has any investments (exclude extremely undervalued penny stocks), one has to take necessary precautions. 

Swiber Technical Analysis: 16 July 2012, Monday, 7.30am Singapore Time

Swiber Technical Analysis: 16 July 2012, Monday, 7.30am Singapore Time

Swiber: Weak Price Structure.
Price of the company will collapse. Company is highly leveraged (high amount of debts and loans for operation), and under a new economic environment that is forward-looking, the company will go into distress or trouble:
1. US Dollar will hit bottom (because no more QE can be implemented anymore), and the rise in USD will cause oil prices to reverse to bearishness.
2. Even if oil price does not crush these highly leveraged oil and offshore companies, the interest rates that will rise from the rock bottom will crush them.

If boulder number 1 as above does not crush the stock price of such companies like Ezion, Ezra and Swiber, the next boulder number 2 that subsequently comes is equally deadly. Highly leveraged oil and offshore companies will either be severe casualty (50%-80% drop in prices), or die and rest in peace forever (bankruptcy and delisted).

Donovan Rating: accumulate long term SHORTS as indicated in Technical Analysis Chart.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Asian Markets: Prelude to European and US selldowns

13 July 2012, Friday, Singapore Time 8.30am
Friday the 13th: Asian futures are green and Asian markets not yet opened. US gapped-down opening yesterday night (Asian Time) followed by slow progressive recovery towards the close is a deliberate attempt to allow Asian futures to open green looking like buy-on-dip, but it is not. It is a technical Modus Operandi. From technical aspects, it is to continue with selldown mid day. This will induce a bearish and bloody European markets. Another sell down coming. Watch your front.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

US Dollar (USD): 7 July 2012, Saturday, 5.45pm Singapore Time

US Dollar (USD) Index: 7 July 2012, Saturday, 5.45pm Singapore Time

The US Dollar will carry on its rally from current point to above $85 in the short term, presenting the next sizeable upside.


Intermarket Analysis:
When the USD has consolidated for the next upmove, it means the world financial markets (Frankfurt DAX, London FTSE100, Paris CAC40, Milan MIB, Madrid IBEX, Hong Kong HSI, Seoul KOSPI, Taiwan Taiex, Tokyo NIKKEI, Singapore SiMSCI/STI, Delhi SENSEX, Australia ASX, Shanghai SSE), Commodities, Gold, Silver, Oil and major currencies against USD such as AUD-USD and Euro-USD are soon to be finished with their technical rebounds, and about to finish consolidation for the next wave sell-downs.