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Saturday, 17 March 2018

UnUsual Ltd: 17 March 2018, Saturday, 1.18pm Singapore Time

UnUsual Ltd: 
17 March 2018, Saturday, 1.18pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the Technicals for UnUsual Productions Company that is listed in the Singapore SGX. The series of red and green lines show how healthy and bullish the volumes are. The Force index indicates that there was never any deliberated selling in the market for this company, and this is very bullish in nature. The Force index also indicates that the start of the next phase of push-up is coming for UnUsual Ltd. This stock will continue to rally beyond 54 cents resistance based on price-volume structure in the technicals. The backtest of 100MA as support has been successful. After confirmation of support, it is time to break resistances with powerful rallies.

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:

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