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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Funds Flow Analysis of Jiutian Chemical: 25 March 2018, Sunday, 11.40am Singapore Time

Funds Flow Analysis of Jiutian Chemical: 
25 March 2018, Sunday, 11.40am Singapore Time
(Click on FFA Chart above to Expand)

Attached is the Funds Flow Analysis on Jiutian Chemical. If one had been wondering why Jiutian had been on the top volumes for the past 2 years, the above FFA is the reason. The funds flow and price action coupled together shows how smart money flow in the market allowed themselves to be sitting up to -70% losses on their holdings (for more than 1 year) and suddenly flipped from -70% losses into profits in just 2 weeks, and from this -70% losses further flipped to +171% profits in another 2 months. Based on FFA and Price Actions, Jiutian is a leader under 2 stock groups: 1. Penny Stocks 2. China Stocks. It is in uptrend mode now. More importantly, the above shows trading psychology to a big extent - think deeply about it, and one will understand the many aspects of trading psychology. Trading psychology is a field which I can write more than hundreds of pages on, but will be too taxing for me here though.

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