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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Reits, Trusts and Defensive Dividend Stocks: 10 March 2018, Saturday

Reits, Trusts and Defensive Dividend Stocks: 
10 March 2018, Saturday
(Click on technical chart above to expand)

Attached is the technicals for HPH Trust.
All points are labelled on the Technical Chart itself.
If one is holding REITS, Trusts, and Defensive Dividend Stocks, such stocks will continually suffer strong selling pressure. Markets want risks and markets want cyclic stocks now in the current stage of the worldwide economic cycle of risk-taking. Markets do not want defensive dividend stocks nor reits nor safe dividend trusts in the current economic cycle of rising rates (refer to the theory of relativity which I had shared before in my Facebook Wall Tweets and in my discussion forum sharings).

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