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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Funds Flow Analysis of Guocoland: 29 March 2018, Thursday, 3.50pm Singapore Time

Funds Flow Analysis of Guocoland: 
29 March 2018, Thursday, 3.50pm Singapore Time
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Attached above is the Funds Flow for Guocoland, a powerful property group that is listed in Singapore. Guocoland has been a strong buyers' market and had been bullish biased based purely on Funds Flow perspective. In yellow boxed region (2H-2016 and 1H-2017), prices went down but on the funds flow side, the net inflow went up even more. This is a typical characteristic of a retailers' shakeout. The shakeout is full of sincerity -- more upsides can be expected. On the look-ahead, it is likely to remain bullish biased. Guocoland is currently at the large money tide's support zone now. I will expect Guocoland to carry on more waves of rallies from here. 

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