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Monday, 26 March 2018

Light Crude Oil (WTI Oil) Intraday Funds Flow: 26 March 2018, Monday, 8.10pm Singapore Time

Light Crude Oil (WTI Oil): 
26 March 2018, Monday, 8.10pm Singapore Time 
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Attached is the International Light Crude Oil (WTI Oil) Intra-day Funds Flow. While almost all people in the markets were bearish of the markets as well as the crude oil and energy markets, smart monies like me were bullish in the crude oil markets. My Crude Oil Live Trades on 5th March 2018 and 21st March 2018 (refer to previous technical analyses on analysis site) have yet again further mushroomed in profits now. 
Crude oil and crude oil related stocks: Bullish.

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