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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Hengyuan Update: 6 March 2018, Tuesday, 6.25pm Singapore Time

Hengyuan Update: 
6 March 2018, Tuesday, 6.25pm Singapore Time
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Attached above is the Updated Technicals of Hengyuan. The stock had previously broken up the secular cycle (supercycle) resistance band in green during the end of 2017, marking a new super cycle move for the equity of this company. This also means that market is hinting of new fundamentals of a supercycle scale for the company to come.

The supercycle resistance band has since been turned into a supercycle support band in green.

Hengyuan is currently backtesting the secular cycle support band. This will be the final re-accumulation at the current newly established support zone in green. After this is completed, the stock will go for $38.00 as first target and $57.00 as second target. The targets are obtained based on the pivot of $19.00 as previously derived in earlier analyses. Hengyuan remains bullish biased.

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