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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Funds Flow Analysis of ComfortDelgro: 31 March 2018, Saturday, 8.33am Singapore Time

Funds Flow Analysis of ComfortDelgro: 
31 March 2018, Saturday, 8.33am Singapore Time
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Attached is the Funds Flow for ComfortDelgro showing where smart monies out fools' monies in, and also where smart monies out even more and fools' monies in even more. It is still a sellers' market despite rebounds but there is reduced selling now amidst the worst of all news flow, something not that bearish anymore for the taxi company. ComfortDelgro may take 1-2 years to bottom out depending on the funds flow by then. I would now judge that the worst is over soon for ComfortDelgro and it will attempt a long term bottoming-out process in the next 1 year -- the time when fools' monies want out on maximum fear and smart monies want opposite of fools' "foresight", a cycle of 2014-2018 repeating but in the opposite direction now.

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