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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, 11 January 2015, Sunday, 10.22am Singapore Time

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: NCLH), 
11 January 2015, Sunday, 10.22am Singapore Time
Chart courtesy of Stockcharts.com

Attached above is the technical analysis of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd that is listed in the US market of NASDAQ Exchange (NASDAQ: NCLH)

The 4 unloads by the market are indicated above in the chart.
NCLH suffered a mark-down style of high volume sell-off last Friday, 9 January 2015.

Worldwide Funds Flow turning bearish again. 
The large negative divergences in RSI and MACD both have high chances to get executed with a further sell-off.

the company has high gearing (meaning high debts). This will deteriorate its operating margins and profit margins in the mid and long term. 

Below are some of its other fundamentals (red flags highlighted in red font):

P/E: 25.68
Forward P/E: 17.34
P/B: 3.45
Quick Ratio (Acid Test Ratio): 0.10 (serious red flag)
Current Ratio: 0.20
Debt/Eq: 1.30
LT Debt/Eq: 1.17
EPS Growth for FY2014: -47.90%
SMA20: -1.78%

Short at current level: $44.34-$46.00
Take half profits at: $39.00
Let the rest run till the bear market for this stock ends.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: NCLH) is readily available for shorting in US Markets and CFD platforms such as IGmarkets etc.

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