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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

EURUSD: 20 January 2015, Tuesday, 11.11pm Singapore Time

EURUSD: 20 January 2015, Tuesday, 11.11pm Singapore Time

Current EURUSD price is 1.15886.

Euro will engage in a significant shorts squeeze by executing an upmove in a major dead cat bounce.
This rebound may be around 1000.0 pips, executed while majority of the markets are shorting Euro (EURUSD) on further QE by ECB.

Euro shorts is currently an overcrowded trade. A shorts squeeze is in the pipeline.
EURUSD rebound 1st target: 1.25000 (high probability rebound target)
EURUSD rebound 2nd target: 1.35388 (maximum rebound target)

Market is going to execute a big surprise to those who shorted Euro on logic.
Majority of market participants are going to get caught out.

Upmove in Euro for the short-mid term will spur the Gold rally to persist, cause the USD to correct down and cause stocks and equities worldwide to suffer selling pressure.

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