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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Market Forecast Update: 20 March 2014, Thursday, 10.00am Singapore Time

Market Forecast Update: 
20 March 2014, Thursday, 10.00am Singapore Time

Note that the financial markets did not execute the expected immediate term 1-day FOMC rebound but continued executing its short term bearish reversal since end of February (refer Funds Flow Chart). The big hands, smart monies and market-movers kept unloading their longs at the peak in end Feb as per warned. The international financial market structures as per reiterated over the past few weeks remain as:

Short term: Bearish Reversal (End of Short Term Dead Cat Bounces);
Mid term: Transition to or in the midst of Downtrend;
Long Term: Transition to Nascent Bear Market

This shows how bearish the markets were as per warned over the past 2 weeks, with the markets not even wanting to execute fake rebound on FOMC decision.

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