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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Funds Flow Analysis (FFA): 20 March 2014, Thursday, 7.45pm Singapore Time

Current Latest Computed Funds Flow Analysis (FFA):
For Worldwide Financial Markets:
20 March 2014, Thursday, 7.45pm Singapore Time
Donovan Norfolk Ang Funds Flow Analysis Indicator 
for Worldwide Financial Markets 
20 March 2014, Thursday

Broad Markets / Big Markets / Big Wind Directions

European markets are in the first 3 hours 45 minutes of trading, while US markets (Dow, S&P500 and NASDAQ) are 1 hour 45 minutes away from opening for trading.

Based on current latest computational results, Holdings Index Strength of Big Hands changed from +6.745 to +1.149 in strength on the Donovan Norfolk Funds Flow Index OscillatorOn the other front, Big Hands' Calls Holdings on hand changed from +3.577 to +1.277 in strength on the Donovan Norfolk Funds Flow Index Oscillator. 

Broad/Big Market (Big Wind Direction) Short-Term / Mid-Term Posture by Big Hands:

+ 20th of March of 2014:
+ Worldwide Big Hands are heavy dumping with furious sell/shorts today.
The Fed has raised year-end 2015 rate expectations to 1%, above market consensus of 0.65%. 
+ The markets did not execute the predicted 1 day immediate term fake rally (to pretend to interpret raise in interest rates as healthy economy moving forward), but instead chose to execute an immediate term sell-off within the bearish reversal as per warned since early March 2014 (markets chose to interpret the raise in interest rates as putting nasty brakes on the worldwide economies). 
+ This illustrates the high bearishness since the short term bearish reversal warned in early March before this sell-off resumption.
+ This bearish reversal point is now a first initial confirmation of transition to bear markets worldwide.

This bearish reversal was warned ahead at the end of February 2014 and during the first 2 weeks of March 2014 just before FED Chairman Janet Yellen announced the raise in year-end 2015 interest rate expectations to 1%, above market consensus of 0.65%. 

Refer to these warnings before FED Chairman's rates announcement that is bearish for markets:
+ Financial Markets worldwide are generally in the following structures:
+ Immediate term: Bearish-biased
+ Short term: Bearish Reversal in execution
+ Mid term: Transition to or in the midst of Downtrend
+ Long Term: Transition to Nascent Bear Market

+ The short term technical rebounds of February 2014 are merely speculative dead cat bounces as warned beforehand.
+ At FFA of +10.000, the short term technical rebounds worldwide are confirming the birth of a new bear market, and these technical rebounds were meant to serve as noises to confuse the markets.
+ Now that after the shorts had been squeezed in February 2014, the financial markets worldwide are going to resume hammering the longs, buys and investment portfolios for the long term.
+ If one is generally still holding investment portfolios, longs or buys in stocks and equities markets, one is expected to suffer further portfolio damages again, a warning that was issued by Donovan Norfolk Ang since November-December of 2013 based on totality analysis of the financial markets. Nascent long term bear market is coming sooner than you expected and any immediate term rebounds are good opportunities to exit.

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Donovan Big Hands Funds Flow Computational Oscillator

Donovan's Funds Flow Analysis Index Oscillator:
-10 ----- 0 ------+10
Donovan's Funds Flow Analysis Strength-Index Scale Key:
negative (-ve) = shorting;
positive (+ve) = longing;
0: No shorts and no longs (direction-less)
1-2: Weak strength / weak holdings
3-4: Moderate strength / moderate holdings
5-6: Strong strength / high holdings
7-8:Very strong strength / very high holdings
9-10:: Rally Mode in store if +ve / Plunging Mode in store if -ve

Implication of Broad Markets/Big Markets/Big Wind Indices Directions
If it is a rising tide in Index Big Wind, most or almost all stock boats generally rise;
If it is a receding tide in Index Big Wind, most or almost all stock boats generally go lower.
Hence the importance of Big Wind Directions blown by Big Hands.

Donovan Norfolk Ang

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