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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Straits Times Index: 16 February 2014, Sunday, 8.17pm Singapore Time

Straits Times Index: 16 February 2014, Sunday, 8.17pm Singapore Time
Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com

Attached above is the further analysis of Straits Times Index (STI). 
(Refer to all past Straits Times Index analyses)

The chart above illustrates how a Bear Market is set up using a trail of eight powerful resistances as above illustrated. These 8 resistances are created to serve as a launchpad of a Nascent Bear Market.

Only a negation of the entire band of resistance at 3065-3275 points as highlighted above will create a new bull market resumption (very low probability: refer to all the smart capital and hot money exodus as per previously analysed in depth). Singapore, as one of the 4 major financial centres of the world, is entrenched in a Nascent Bear Market. The new Bear Market has been in initial stage of firm establishment and entrenchment.

Unload investment portfolios as safe precautions based on all in-depth analyses.
Be cautious of financial markets. 

Donovan Norfolk Ang is probably one of the first to call the financial markets a nascent bear market.

Short Term: Technical Rebound
Mid Term: Downtrend
Long Term: Downtrend 

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