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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Funds Flow Analysis (FFA): 27 February 2014, Thursday, 3.30pm Singapore Time

Current Latest Computed Funds Flow Analysis (FFA):
For Worldwide Financial Markets:
27 February 2014, Thursday, 3.30pm Singapore Time
Donovan Norfolk Ang Funds Flow Analysis Indicator 
for Worldwide Financial Markets 
27 February 2014, Thursday

Broad Markets / Big Markets / Big Wind Directions

European markets are 30 minutes away from opening for trading, while US markets (Dow, S&P500 and NASDAQ) are 7 hours 00 minutes away from opening for trading.

Based on current latest computational results, Holdings Index Strength of Big Hands changed from +10.000 to +10.000 in strength on the Donovan Norfolk Funds Flow Index OscillatorOn the other front, Big Hands' Calls Holdings on hand changed from +3.568 to +3.911 in strength on the Donovan Norfolk Funds Flow Index Oscillator. 

Broad/Big Market (Big Wind Direction) Short-Term / Mid-Term Posture by Big Hands:

+ 27th of February of 2014:
+ Big Hands and Smart Money are further increasing their buys unexpectedly again.
+ Big Hands are also loaded with Calls.
+ Maximum buys/longs in positions by big hands currently during this blowing of big wind directions in international financial markets worldwide: final spike-up.
+ This technical rebound is classified as a speculative dead cat bounce form of technical rebound.
+ All shorts out there in the financial markets are being targeted during this technical rebound. 
+ Short term technical rebound in play, but at final stages, and the aim is to squeeze shorts.
+ Markets are going to get volatile again soon.
+ Do bear in mind that reversals may sometimes occur at 10.000 in holdings despite strong buys/longs (reversal back to mid-term and long-term bearish in this case for end of dead cat bounce technical rebound).

Donovan Big Hands Funds Flow Computational Oscillator

Donovan's Funds Flow Analysis Index Oscillator:
-10 ----- 0 ------+10
Donovan's Funds Flow Analysis Strength-Index Scale Key:
negative (-ve) = shorting;
positive (+ve) = longing;
0: No shorts and no longs (direction-less)
1-2: Weak strength / weak holdings
3-4: Moderate strength / moderate holdings
5-6: Strong strength / high holdings
7-8:Very strong strength / very high holdings
9-10:: Rally Mode in store if +ve / Plunging Mode in store if -ve

Implication of Broad Markets/Big Markets/Big Wind Indices Directions
If it is a rising tide in Index Big Wind, most or almost all stock boats generally rise;
If it is a receding tide in Index Big Wind, most or almost all stock boats generally go lower.
Hence the importance of Big Wind Directions blown by Big Hands.

Donovan Norfolk Ang

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  1. Can you please give your view on Indian Indices if time permits !!!

  2. I think I deleted someone's comments by mistake.. to answer him, Nascent bear market means the start of a bear market: young bear market.

    Big Hands here refers to the market-movers, in essence the smart money.

    As for Indian NIFTY, my previous analysis on NIFTY still stands. NIFTY, SENSEX and Indian markets remain bearish mid term and long term.

  3. Hi,is the fund flow analysis reflective of a region's status or worldwide? Where do you get the info? Also,how do you deduce its a dead cat bounce and not another wave up? Thanks in advance.:)