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Monday, 24 February 2014

Market Forecast Update: 24 February 2014, Monday, 10.57am Singapore Time

I was sharing this on my facebook wall live just now:
24 Feb 2014, Monday, 8.38am Singapore Time: Strong haze smell again and it is persisting. Singapore market opening soon. Know what stock to buy? Medtecs.

You can let go anytime if you are in profits. It depends on how ambitious you are. Medtecs added another +3.1% today. Whenever unsure, take half profits first. Let the rest run. At the next hurdle, if still unsure, take half profits of the remaining half. This is the divide and conquer strategy of doing things in life. This is how BBs operate.

As for the big market directions, since based on Worldwide Funds Flow Analysis, it is a positive signal by the Big Hands, the markets are currently load-on-dips for the short-mid term (dead cat bounce) now. Shortists who shorted correctly on Technical Analysis Confirmations will be the ones to be targeted for whipping and be wiped out by the Big Hands now.

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