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Sunday, 9 February 2014

OUE: 9 February 2014, Sunday, 2.20pm Singapore Time

OUE: 9 February 2014, Sunday, 2.20pm Singapore Time
Chart courtesy of Chartnexus.com

Attached above is the OUE Technical Analysis with all my precision points as highlighted above:

1. Warned in October of 2012 that Singapore Property Markets had peaked.
2. Final Escape Wave Price Satisfaction was achieved shortly at $3.10-$3.20 for getting out.
3. End of Escape Wave confirmation in April-May of 2013.
4. Downtrend Channel in formation as above.
5. Backtest of $2.53-$2.57 merely as resistances in Nov-Dec of 2013 when I warned again of getting out  of the markets.
6. Nascent Property Bear Market In Progress Worldwide, as warned in October of 2012.

Donovan Norfolk Ang Rating:
Highly Bearish for the long term.
Unload/Sell/Short on every Rebound
(Hint for Worldwide Markets: Bearish)

If you're not getting out for safety, are you prepared 
for the high downside with substantial loss for those with buys/longs/investment portfolio?
(Expect to see first real wave of Margin Calls worldwide that had not been seen since 2008 financial crisis)

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