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Monday, 10 February 2014

Market Update Forecast: 10 February 2014, Monday, 10.10pm Singapore Time

Market Update Forecast, 10 February 2014:

All investors are going to get significant losses or damages to their investment portfolios. Be cautious, as warned at the peak in November and December of 2013 warning based on funds flow analysis calculations that big hands and smart money worldwide are shorting big. Shorting big is okay if it cannot bring down prices, but it has been large and relentless; this means they will bring down prices to trigger first wave of margin calls worldwide. A sea of first wave margin calls will trigger the first wave of fearful selling by those who are highly geared or those who are weak hands to further depress markets as a first wave. This selling will go on and on until Don turns less bearish, and still carry on until Don turns bullish reversal for the real technical rebound. By such time, significant damages to portfolios out there will had been down. Worldwide financial markets: Immediate term is a rebound, short term is neutral, mid term is sell-off downtrend, long term is tentative nascent bear market at the peak; the markets need negation of mid term selling-off to resuscitate or CPR back to a bull market, which is very low probability given relentless shorts and relentless shorting-consolidations by big hands as of now.

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