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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Chips Flush-out and Setup of Traps: 19 November 2013, Tuesday, 12.40pm Singapore Time

Chips Flush-out and Setup of Traps: 19 November 2013, Tuesday, 12.40pm Singapore Time

<< The Art of Traps Setup >>
By Donovan Norfolk Ang

This is what is happening in Worldwide Financial Markets currently in a well-planned and synchronous operation :

1. Asia goes down hard previously as a first short-mid term correction wave and as a signal of intention for correction.

2. Market Participants/Retailers' Longs/Buys are taken aback by surprise.

3. US and European Markets then recover from any gap downs caused by Asia (while Asia sells) and do not want to go down despite Asia going down first. Yet another element of surprise is created, but this time round in Europe and US.

4. International market participants are confused: bullish or bearish.

5. Asia continues to sell, while SmartMoney takes out the correct shorts out there in the US and European Markets by going up.

6. Retailers/Market Participants confused again.

7. Seeing strength in US and Europe, market participants worldwide goes Long/Buy in US and Europe.

8. Oversold Asia recovers strongly in an immediate-term dead cat bounce, taking out the correct retailer shorts. SmartMoney takes over retailers' shorts positions with ease.

9. The Asia rebound, as a backtest of resistances, re-affirms European and US market participants/retailers' conviction to buy while facilitating for US and European shorting operations by SmartMoney.

10. Establishment of Shorts by SmartMoney can be conducted with ease due to all these what-you-see-is-not-what-you-get surprise operations.

11. In this ingenious way, establishment of shorts by SmartMoney can be conducted in Asia, Europe and US, and they differ merely by different mode of operations which leave everyone in a smoke screen of confusion and wrong directions.

12. Stops and stop-triggers are collected into Market-Movers' bags.

13. This is called chips washout or chips flush-out. It involves messing the chips akin to the shuffling of Mahjong tiles and poker cards.

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