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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

US Federal Government Shutdown: Good News, Bad News and the Financial Markets' Poker

The Financial Markets' Poker

A U.S. Federal Government Shut down to 95% majority of market participants is bad news.

Well is it good news or is it bad news?
Everything is 2-sided. One needs to think deeper than the surface.

A shutdown means US needs to pour more USD in to clear its mess, and more USD means fuel for markets (Yes, think deeply again as to why).

In my analyses, this was touched on.

Now you see this good news is first to be reacted in Australian Dollar etc etc.. and I warned beforehand on it (refer: http://donovan-ang.blogspot.sg/2013/09/us-debt-ceiling-fiasco-logic.html)

When everyone sees it bad, you need to see that it is good. That's what differentiates you from the rest. Of course, one still needs to know when is bad really bad and when is good really good; similarly, when is bad actually good and when is good actually bad. What I am trying to get at is that one needs to see things in different perspectives and depth.

In this case, the bad is the good that I had warned, when I laid my cards nakedly.

In addition, Critical Thinking is always needed if one is to excel in this game of Poker's Liar in the financial markets of stocks, indices, forex, bonds and commodities.

What you see is not often what you get. That is why you are buying worthless "magic stones" at high prices and selling your treasures at dirt prices. This is the magic, that when you join correctly, you are the rich selling stones at magical prices; and if you joined wrongly, you remain in a sorry state selling treasures at dirt prices.

Ask yourself: Is it?

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