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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Market Forecast Update: 23 October 2013, Wednesday, 1.15pm Singapore Time

This is how you trade FOREX:

Track my posted-live records. Wins and losses, nothing to hide.

My USDJPY are deep in the money. Against the herd-tide when I initiated the positions (read above link for where I initiated USDJPY Shorts), with many nasty noises coming to me back then to shoot me very badly (with nasty words), as they were shorting Japanese Yen, i.e. longing USDJPY relentlessly on Technical Analysis (TA), on Trend-following, and on Japanese Money Printing etc; and I was longing Japanese Yen, i.e. shorting USDJPY steadfastly on Japanese Money Printing & Reverse-TA. Eye-opener enough? All before things happen, AND AGAINST ALL LOGIC.

USDJPY Target Still Pivoted at:

-Donovan Norfolk Ang
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