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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Market Forecast Update: 19 October 2013, Saturday, 11.05pm Singapore Time

19 October 2013, Saturday, 11.05pm Singapore Time:

All major US Markets' Bearish Divergences Are Absorbed, Negated, Cancelled Out and Prices Have Just Two Days Ago Over-ridden All The Bearish Indicators That Had Accumulated Over Many Weeks. All It Took Was Just A Day Or Two To Negate Few Weeks Worth Of Bearish Divergences. Many Market Participants Worldwide Had Sold Or Short-sold On Such Indicators. Indicators Are Laggards. Those Who Trade With Focus On Indicators Are Losing A Hell Lot Of Money. These Are Usually Naive Market Participants Applying Standard Technical Analysis Learnt From Books And Expensive Courses. And They Make Up The Herd Who Lose Much Using Standard Technical Analysis Alone.

As per warned severely the past few weeks, the smart monies, big hands and market movers created bearish charts yet they were never shorting or selling. Instead, they longed and bought on the slew of bad news: US Government Shutdown, Debt Ceiling Failure, US Credit Rating Downgrade Risk etc, creating enough fear to send anyone logical to sell or establish short-sells and puts. This resulted in small fishes trampling on small fishes for the exit, creating cheap market prices while all the big hands needed to do was just to do nothing, and absorb slowly and cheaply.

After absorbing all the investment/trade sells and short-sells from worldwide markets, the international financial markets will continue to execute the great up-drive movements per warned beforehand during the past few weeks. This is to be executed despite any bearish charts just as what the markets did the previous week.


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