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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Market Forecast Update: 2 October 2013, Wednesday, 7.52am Singapore Time

2 October 2013, Wednesday, 7.52am Singapore Time: 

Markets rally on a US Government Shutdown as per warned. In particular, Italian FTSE MIB Index rallied more than +500 points, giving me a profit of  +500 Euros per contract in just one night. I won't reveal how many contracts I have though.

Those who do not know how the algorithms (algos) work as well as how the market mechanisms really work will say it is a bullshit rally. And disbelieve a rally. They never win or make it in the Financial Markets. Sad but always true.

They say it is bad money chasing after good money. Well, for the 2009-2013 US Bull Market Rally, did not we hear the same phrase over and over again? Majority herd missed the "bad money rally of a century", because herds always wrongly believe the cliched sayings. Brainwashed without a mind of their own.

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