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Saturday, 1 April 2017

FTSE ST All-Share Index: 1 April 2017, Saturday, 4.12pm Singapore Time

FTSE ST All-Share Index: 
1 April 2017, Saturday, 4.12pm Singapore Time
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Attached above is the technicals for FTSE ST All Share Index.

The green boxed region is my live warnings in 1H-2016 and 2H-2016 (amidst Singapore's technical recession in 2016) that Asia-Pacific markets have finished their deep correction and that smart monies worldwide will flood into Asia starting from 2H-2016. It is also the region where I had forewarned that all stocks-equities markets worldwide will rally to all time historic new highs from 2017. DJIA and S&P500 are the first to achieve it in 2017. Next will be Asia/Asia-Pacific.

The Yellow circled region is the break-up for all stocks as per forewarned in 1H-2016 and 2H-2016 to come amidst all investors' fear, gloom and doom of 2016 sell-off. In 1H-2016, I had forewarned that smart monies will flood into Asia Stock Markets and US DJIA will rally beyond 20000 points. This is all being executed now.

For international followers, do note that Singapore Straits Times Index will rally beyond 4000 points following the above FTSE ST All-Shares technical set-up. This is very important for all other Asia-Pacific markets. A lot of reputable smart monies and hot monies in Asia-Pacific markets will always take the cue from Singapore financial market as it is the one sensitive and honest indicator that truly reflects the world. This will spur all markets into super rally mode.

For every 10 stocks in the equities markets, 8 will be in powerful rally mode. You don't have to be good to become rich, you just need to be there.

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