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Thursday, 27 April 2017

马来西亚吉隆坡综合指数(KLSE KLCI):27 April 2017, Thursday, 7.45am Singapore Time


马来西亚吉隆坡综合指数(KLSE KLCI):
27 April 2017, Thursday, 7.45am Singapore Time

Donovan Norfolk 于2013年至2014年严重警告马来西亚股市与马国令吉将会被严重抛售,导致股民大出血。2014年-2015年期间,马国股市与马来西亚令吉如之前之预警,双双遭受重击抛售,特别是汇市里令吉遭受严重卖空之蹂躏。在1H-2016 与 2H-2016这期间,当大众、专家与多数投资者笃定熊市降临时,Donovan Norfolk 于1H-2016反转警告马来西亚股市于2017年至2018年期间将会有史无前例的大牛市,预警热钱已悄悄买入支撑(附属技术图表),并预警 KLSE 将突破2000点大关,创造历史天高,而每10支股票里会有8支冲上云霄,众小股则会连翻数倍。以上蓝色部份为大牛市重启之讯号确立,亚洲股市将纷纷创造历史新高。

English Translation:
The RED CIRCLED REGION is my forewarnings in 2013-2014 that there will be an extremely heavy sell-off coming in the Malaysian Equities market and the Malaysian Ringgit. In 2014-2015, this came not long after my severe warnings. In fact, the Malaysian Ringgit shorting rout and selling off was so heavy that it caused the government to attempt to regulate outflow of funds in within the country. In 1H-2016 and 2H-2016, amidst all the gloom and doom, I suddenly reversed with the smart monies all over the world. While most people become bearish with conviction, I turned bullish, warning that markets will suddenly reverse, stocks and equities to get snapped up big time, and markets in US and Asia/Asia-Pacific to storm past historical all time new highs in 2017-2018 never seen before. Even weak European markets will also rally. The supports as highlighted in light green circles and light orange circles have been bought with very high volumes. The BLUE CIRCLED region is where big wave bull market had been re-started. KLSE and KLCI will bulldoze past 2000 points upwards, causing every 8 out of 10 stocks to super rally.

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