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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

NASDAQ 100 Index: 26 April 2017, Wednesday, 10.19am Singapore Time

NASDAQ 100 Index: 
26 April 2017, Wednesday, 10.19am Singapore Time
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Attached above is the technicals update for NASDAQ-100 Index. The blue region is my forewarnings during market correction (during volatility caused by the Korean Peninsula and French election) that we are still in bull market. I forewarned that we should instead watch out for strong stocks and they would be the strong ones who will be first to rally again once correction ends. The strongest sector in stock markets all over the world happened to be technology stocks now as revealed by the shallow correction or no correction at all. This did not happen by coincidence. Bullish on stocks-equities all over the world, especially Asia, and exceedingly Bullish on Technology Sector and Technology Stocks. I am adding more NASDAQ-100 Buys again in addition to the buys of 2H-2016.

Previous batch of live trades and buys (4598 points area):
(I am sitting on decently deep profits of close to 1000 points per contract now)

Adding of more Buys (Average Up):
Cautious and prudent strategy taught to you as above illustrated on chart in 3 nimble batches:
1. 1st batch @ 5549 points
2. 2nd batch @ 5450 points
3. 3rd batch @ successful back-test of 5450 points

Past Track Record:

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