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Monday, 17 April 2017

The Current New Re-started Cycle of Gold: 17 April 2017, Monday, 10.48am Singapore Time

<< The Current New Re-started Cycle of Gold >>:

Gold will spike up on uncertainty, volatility and fear in stocks-equities market, and yet Gold will also rally up as a bull market together with a stocks-equities bull market. There is this factor which I want to keep in suspense for now and that will send Gold beyond $1900 and $2000 respectively. This economic force that is the fuel will be unstoppable. Gold does not need even a war to be bullish. That will be too unethical. In addition, Gold and stocks-equities never needed to be inversely correlated. It is just a misconception and a myth spun by smart monies and dumped onto foolish retailers and small fishes who gladly accept the myth. In 2002-2007, stocks-equities had a bull market. Gold also had a powerful bull market. Where is the inverse correlation? Most people will never view gold as bullish due to interest rate hikes. That will be where most people will be wrong again. Again and again, like history repeating itself, in most fields and in the financial markets. 


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