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Friday, 31 March 2017

Wilton Resources: 31 March 2017, Friday, 8.57am Singapore Time

Wilton Resources: 
31 March 2017, Friday, 8.57am Singapore Time
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Attached is the technicals and volume flow of Wilton Resources, a stock that is listed in the Singapore SGX. The Yellow Circled Region is my live fore-warnings in 2H-2016 that penny stocks will be scooped up by smart monies and hot monies all over the world starting from 2H-2016 for a super rally. I had warned back then that the top volumes will no longer be pump-dump volumes, but instead they will switch to become re-accumulation volumes. I had also forewarned in 2H-2016 that those in the top volumes will be the ones to look out for. Wilton Resources is one such stock. It has healthy volumes. 2017 remains strongly a buy-on-dip for the stocks-equities asset class.

Wilton Target: 
Multifold, multi-bagger.
At least +100% ballistic upside.
To break up all time high of the entire chart




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