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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sembcorp Marine: 2 March 2017, Thursday, 9.38pm Singapore Time

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Sembcorp Marine: 
2 March 2017, Thursday, 9.38pm Singapore Time

Attached is the technicals for SembCorp Marine, an SGX listed crude-oil-correlated stock. My forewarnings in 2013-2014 to dump all oil-related stocks on market bullishness is as highlighted in RED Circle in chart. Shortly after my severe warnings on the light crude, the super crash of Crude Oil came in 4Q-2014, true to my forewarnings.

My live warnings in 2H-2016 forewarning that Crude Oil, Offshore Oil and Gas stocks will rock bottom in 2H-2016 is as highlighted in Green in the chart. My analyses in 2016 forewarned that quality oil rig and oil related stocks such as Sembcorp Marine, KepCorp and many energy companies will all rock bottom in 2H-2016 and rally from there (refer to the crude oil analyses). It is all executing as pre-warned. Attached too are the track records over the years.

Track Records:

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