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Monday, 27 March 2017

GLD US$ Gold ETF: 27 March 2017, Monday, 9.19am Singapore Time

GLD US$ Gold ETF: 
27 March 2017, Monday, 9.19am Singapore Time

Attached is the technical analysis as well as the volume flow analysis of the GLD (US$) Gold ETF that is listed in the Singapore SGX. 

As Singapore is the most honest financial market in the world and is a market which does not like to play too much bluff game or poker's liar, the volume flow as above is straightforward and honest. The forceful treacherous backtests of resistance-turned-support band are met with forceful big buys by smart monies in the market: it is a double confirmation of bullishness in Gold in international financial markets and in worldwide spot markets for Gold.

From 2017, Gold ETFs all over the world are expected to rally to historic all time new highs just as physical gold will rally to historic all time new highs of beyond $1921 and beyond $2000 respectively.

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Additional Note:
Reiterate: Investors owning stocks and equities must have some gold or gold ETF or gold index in their holdings to stablise their portfolio. Because when stocks rally, Gold can rally, it can also correct healthily, but when stocks fall, gold will rally. The effect is that if gold corrects within the portfolio, it will force one not to overbuy stocks. If gold spikes up in stocks' sell-off, it will extinguish your fear as your portfolio is protected and balanced off by gains in gold. If both equities and gold rally, which is what I expect, you stand to gain from both concurrently. You have the best of all worlds.


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