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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Amazon (NYSE: AMZN): 29 March 2017, Wednesday, 9.49pm Singapore Time

Amazon (NYSE: AMZN): 
29 March 2017, Wednesday, 9.49pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals and volume flow of Amazon that is listed in the NYSE. 
Amazon has been undergoing selling absorption and has successfully completed the selling absorption now.

The next phase will be to satisfy the blue price structure of the technicals and soar towards the $990-$1000 target price as a result of the bullish selling-absorption being executed to the accompaniment of the large amplitude price-action as illustrated.

Amazon's aggressive expansion in making Singapore one of its important base in Asia will likely be a great success. This is based on what the markets are trying to hint in advance based on the technicals and volume flow embedded within the Amazon stocks-equities. This means that if Amazon is able to make $1000 the new support, Amazon will continue to soar way beyond $1000 from this new support at $1000.

1st Target Price:

2nd Target Price:
Make $1000 the support and super rally for indefinite upside
(+100% upside is highly possible from current point of buy because the selling absorption by smart monies had been significant -- refer to chart attached above)

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