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Monday, 13 March 2017

Hot Monies flooding into Asia

Remember just last week, on 9th March 2017, I was warning that hot monies will be using the March-2017's minor correction to do shakeout and to continue to rotate into Asia-Pacific and Emerging Markets and to continue to flood into Asia? 

This is all happening right now... 
In addition, I had been forewarning in 2H-2016 and 1Q-2017 that China will be rotated into for a super rally, and that I will be pouring my funds into China stocks and China indices (Chinese stocks and Chinese blue chips), and that China will lead Asia in the rally in 2017. I am deep in profits right now and continue to hold my deep profits. Below are previous analyses on China, all forewarned before events happen, per high accuracy track records over the so many years:

I believe you have what it takes to do as well as me or outperform me, if you believe in yourself, and not give up in yourself.

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