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Monday, 30 September 2013

Market Forecast Update: 30 Sept 2013, Monday, 1.45pm Singapore Time

For newbies who want to learn more: 

If somebody posts that markets will open with many sellers and bearish, it is because the futures market had already opened way before Asian markets even opened, and the futures were already red, so it is a common sense that index markets and stocks markets will open "bearishly", gap-down and be "bearish". It is also easy for me to say that markets will open with many sellers because the futures already flashed red before markets opened, and I will be spot on in this based on futures. However, you have to look more in depth. Is it really bearish? Is the selling real? Will US Fiasco end up getting solved? Are the big rebound targets all hit? Will bearishness all be suddenly flipped to high bullishness before you can even react? My cards are still laid out nakedly before things happen: Buy on Dip. Not Bearish. I am Bullish. Rebound waves still have got high upsides until all my upside targets are met.

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