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Sunday, 22 July 2018

MAYBANK (KLSE: 1155): 22 July 2018, Sunday, 11.10am Singapore Time

MAYBANK (KLSE: 1155): 
22 July 2018, Sunday, 11.10am Singapore Time
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Attached is the updated Technicals for MAYBANK -- The Donovan Norfolk Rated Top Bank of Entire Malaysia KLSE. The 3 dark green circled regions are my live calls in January 2016, 1H-2016 and 2H-2016 to buy bank stocks all over the world. Back in 2016, the herd were shouting for market crash and a bear market because the FED rate hikes caused a massive fear and markets were selling off. Singapore was to have technical recession back in 2016 too, and I was calling for bank stocks' buys. 

Most of the followers are now sitting on more than +50% profits for Maybank and their profits will blossom into +100% in the coming resumption of world bank stocks' super rally (see cross reference link attached at the bottom of this analysis).

The first yellow trajectory measures $3.80 on linear scale and +55% on logarithmic scale. This means the next wave of banks' super rally worldwide will bring Maybank to $12.40 conservative target on the linear scale, and $13.33 logarithmic target on the logarithmic scale. MayBank may then rest slightly and proceed for probing of prices beyond $13.33 in the secular bull market.

MayBank is Ranked the Number 1 Top Bank  of Malaysia by The Donovan Norfolk

Side Note:
At target of $13.33, many of these early fans of Donovan Norfolk will have returns of more than +100% profits on such quality stocks. 

Additional Note:
Worldwide bank stocks are expected to shoot through the roof in 2H-2018 and 2019. More waves of super rally in equity markets can be expected in 2H-2018, 1H-2019 and 2H-2019 -- amidst the backdrop of 80% market majority having the conviction of a bear market coming.

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