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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

CapitaCom Trust: 4 July 2018, Tuesday, 8.28am Singapore Time

CapitaCom Trust: 
4 July 2018, Tuesday, 8.28am Singapore Time
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Attached is the Technicals for CapitaCom Trust that is listed in the Singapore SGX (SGX: C61U).
The entire series of distribution for this reit/trust is as illustrated on chart starting with how plenty of fools bought reits/trusts and how they were dumped and how $1.655 support was then deliberately broken down with volume to trap these investors and traders. The new long term downtrend for CapitaCom Trust has been established with the high volume breakdown of the $1.655 support. The next target is $1.35 for this reit/trust. Reits and Trusts worldwide are preparing for next big wave down. Note: stocks, which are risk-ons, are bullish; utilities, reits, trusts and telcos, which are risk-offs, are bearish.

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
【Risk-on stocks are bullish, risk-off reits-trusts and telcos are bearish】

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