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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Weather, Financial Markets and Wealth-Making: 25 May 2017, Thursday

There is an on going discussion on my facebook wall right now on the data above. What does the data above signify? What does it imply? What can we deduce from it? There are many great answers that were given, however this is my answer.

In general, we tend to be fooled by surface data. On appearance, the weather looked cooling for the temperature, however the humidity is extremely high. It is at a 90% high even on a rainy day. This means it is not cooling despite a rain and the low temperature. Humans are sensitive to changes in humidity, because our skin uses the air around us to get rid of moisture in the form of sweat. If the relative humidity is very high, the air is already saturated with water vapor and our sweat will not evaporate or will have very great difficulty evaporating. When this happens, we feel hotter than the actual temperature. In essence, this is akin to being covered with thick blanket everywhere one goes. This is what is meant by fooled by glaring data, the temperature. In financial markets and in data science, it is easy to be tricked by data, and the weather data is one such example. However, this is not as important a point as what is to come in the next few paragraphs.

What can we further deduce from here? What can we extrapolate from here to take advantage of data? High humidity does not necessarily lead to rain. When the sun comes out, and tries to evaporate all these rain, it will further bring the already high humid conditions to higher levels and the weather will feel quite sickly to many people. Air-conditioning in aggregate will be in high demand, so will power and electricity demand. They are going to shoot up continuously. In addition, water demand will also increase because at national level as an aggregate, more people will bathe more, shower more and drink more water.

This means utilities demand will go shoot up. Utilities such as those of the power companies and water related companies will report higher profits in the next few quarters as the above weather condition has been trending recently. This means you can start to look at power companies and water companies, buy their stocks and shares, make capital gains and have them sponsor for your enjoyment such as air-con bills, water bills and all utilities bills. This means it is time to chalk up some wealth in this area. This also means smart monies will flow into these kind of companies and make good monies out of their stocks and equities.

Below are some money-trees from the weather and power-demand analyses:

25 May 2017, Thursday

YTL Power is a contributor of the power in Singapore and Malaysia. What a gem.

Sembcorp Industries:
25 May 2017, Thursday

High volume supports detected. Trinity of successful tests on large price structure supports. Big Hands and Smart Monies are telling you big move up is coming. They will pay for your enjoyment.

25 May 2017, Thursday

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, I forewarned to sell Hyflux (refer to all time-stamped track records and the past analyses on hyflux in this analysis site which were posted to the many thousands of followers). Hyflux is executing a big rounding bottom now. This is the big bottom. Refer to all the high volume buys in 2016 and 2017. Hyflux is re-brewing for a high upside all new up-move now.

In addition, if this kind of hostile weather is a phenomenon worldwide, then it is highly likely too that crops such as coffee and cocoa will do a major reversal and go up from here.

In general,
Always be ahead of the curve.
And you will make great wealth and be as successful as me.
You have what it takes.

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