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Friday, 26 May 2017

AirAsia X (KLSE: AAX): 26 May 2017, Friday, 9.33am Singapore Time

AirAsia X (KLSE: AAX): 
26 May 2017, Friday, 9.33am Singapore Time
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Attached above is the technicals for AirAsia X, an airlines company that is listed in the KLSE. The blue region is typical of how rock bottoms form. High volume selling switches to low volume selling and high volume buying takes over and retraces back into low volume selling as confirmation of momentum switch in market dynamics from selling mode to buying mode. The green and red regions further confirm smart monies are in with high volume upmove and low volume containment. The 1Q-2017 below-expectation corporate results caused knee-jerk volatile correction, but these high volumes were all absorbed by strong hands in the market based on current week volume flow. This means AirAsia is certain to rally another +100% upside from here (to more than 0.80-0.90) as the volume involved in the moves are very significant and shows no sign of distribution.

Cross Reference Analysis with more Technical Chart:
The light green regions in the KLSE-KLCI Link above is where I had forewarned smart monies will be rushing in to Malaysia markets. The blue region in the KLSE-KLCI Link above is where the big wave bull market had been re-started. KLSE and KLCI will bulldoze past 2000 points upwards per forewarned, causing every 8 out of 10 stocks to super rally. This super rally will be in sync with financial markets all over the world. All global markets to continue super rally.

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