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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Stocks and Equities Market Update: 9 May 2017, Tuesday, 11.50pm Singapore Time

Stocks and Equities Market Update: 
9 May 2017, Tuesday, 11.50pm Singapore Time

Stock markets all over the world will have a very large rising tide on top of current tide. This bullish up-move is very far from over. Whichever country you are in, you just need to board on the boat as 80%-90% of all stocks will have powerful rally. It is a tide. It brings all boats up. At the top of the true peak, on the nett of all holdings aggregated, most of you will make a lot of money, and that is where I will know if it is a true top or not. When that time comes, do not be overly greedy, I will take leadership again and ask all of you to be careful and cautious. As of now, globally across all markets, we are still far from the final target of the upside.

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