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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MSCI Singapore Index (SiMSCI): 1 April 2014, Tuesday, 11.18am Singapore Time

MSCI Singapore Index (SiMSCI): 1 April 2014, Tuesday, 11.18am Singapore Time
(The Close Equivalent of Straits Times Index)

Attached is the Technical Analysis of the litmus index of the Singapore Stocks and Equities Market: MSCI Singapore. The MSCI Singapore reflects the state of the Singapore stocks and equities market, as well as how the economy will be steering ahead: Bearish.

Added more Shorts on MSCI Singapore (SiMSCI) at 360.85 points today.
(MSCI Singapore 359.0 pts is roughly equivalent to Straits Times Index 3175 pts).

As highlighted previously, the Singapore stocks market had been under distributional mode from end of 2012 to early 2014. This entire phase involved the Big Hands, Smart Money and Market Movers getting rid and unloading their unwanted babies to the Public at high prices. This sets the pace for laying the groundwork for the next bear market.

In addition, as explained comprehensively in past Straits Times Index Analyses, there is a huge wave of selling pressures acting above current positions of the markets (refer to past STI analyses on how this came about).

Once the distribution layer of support at MSCI Singapore (SiMSCI) 334 points-343 points breaks down, the distribution officially completes and the bear market will rear its ugly head. Sentiments remain that majority 90% of investors and retailers do not believe in any bear market as economic forecasts are rosy. Such sentiment is a breeding ground for more bearish sell-offs, as all these investors will never get out or exit the markets, with emotions and gut feel ruling over any rationality.

Donovan Norfolk Ang Technical Rating:
(Bearish also on all international stocks and equities)

(Capital flight/exodus from worldwide bank stocks)

(The Great Capital Flight of Emerging Markets)

(All analyses of MSCI Singapore / Straits Times Index as preview of World Markets)

(Straits Property Index as preview of World Property Markets)

(NASDAQ: turning toppish)

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