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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ezra Holdings: 13 April 2014, Sunday, 9.56pm Singapore Time

Ezra Holdings: 13 April 2014, Sunday, 9.56pm Singapore Time
Chart courtesy of Chartnexus.com

All illustrations of Ezra Holdings as highlighted above in chart.

There was a massive re-distribution of stocks to the retailers.
Worse, there was a massive pump-and-dump action inside the large consolidation channel.

At the end of this Bear Market, if the entire price structure plays out according to scripts, 
Ezra will hit 1st target at 59 cents with potential for further half price for 2 more times (max 3 times) at around 30 cents and 15 cents respectively.
(half price followed by half price of the halved price followed by half price of the halved of the halved price; stock market SOP for very bearish stocks)

Long term price target:
Super penny stock status
Ezra Holdings
(-80% to -90% loss in value from peak for a highly-leveraged company)

Fundamentals wise, 
Ezra is a highly geared company and its liabilities in the balance sheets do not look good to me;
when interest rates go up, usually highly leveraged companies such as Ezra will run into some difficulties. They may also resort to massive rights issues or shares dilution to raise money.

Excellent reward-risk ratio with Technicals, Fundamentals and Funds Flow all in triangulation:
I will be shorting 400 lots of Ezra at $1.07 tomorrow (14 April 2014, Monday)

Donovan Norfolk Ang Technical Rating:
Bearish with High Downside
(Sell/Short at the Zones above)

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