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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

WTI Crude Oil: 21 February 2018, Wednesday, 11.42am Singapore Time

WTI Crude Oil: 
21 February 2018, Wednesday, 11.42am Singapore Time
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Attached is the technicals for WTI Crude Oil. The entire orange region is full of buy volumes which support the international crude oil market. Crude oil related stocks worldwide remain long term bullish with plenty of upsides. The light green rectangular zone is where if the tail of the candle gets taken out, crude oil will hasten its up-move. The blue zone is where international financial-commodity markets did not chase down crude oil nor to strike it down when the momentum iron was hot. It is bullish in nature.

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating on Crude Oil:
Mid Term and Long Term Bullish on Crude Oil
(Crude Oil Target: $175-$180 per Barrel)

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