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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Updated Important Note: 7 February 2018, Wednesday, 9.27am Singapore Time

Updates and Highlight

<< Updated Important Note >>

Worldwide Smart Monies have taken profits of substantial amount of bearish puts now, all over the world. Note that international correction has been around 80% (4/5 done) completed, there is still some chance of completing the 20% (1/5) uncompleted move to set a slightly lower low to end the correction. This means current rebound may still be attempted to be overtaken by the bears but is for buying the bottoms now.

This final uncompleted 20% (1/5) to go to end the correction may take another 2 weeks to bottom out. This will be frustrating to most people.

In markets worldwide, Commodity Stocks, Crude Oil Stocks, Energy Stocks, Raw Material Stocks, Shipping Stocks and Shipbuilding Stocks remain the top buys for 2018 Sector Rotation.
Do not short, do not put, especially the strong stocks like banks.


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