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Monday, 19 February 2018

Malaysia Steel Works (KLSE: 5098): 19 February 2018, Monday, 9.50am Singapore Time

Malaysia Steel Works (KLSE: 5098): 
19 February 2018, Monday, 9.50am Singapore Time
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Attached is the technicals for Malaysia Steel Works, a stock listed in the Emerging Market of Malaysia (KLSE: 5098). 

The dark green region is my live analyses back in 1H-2016 calling 1H-2016 to be rock bottom of Asian markets' bearish weakness of 2H-2013 to 2H-2015 which caused most people to lose most money in the most fakely bullish times (using index strength to kill broad market stocks). This mostly enacted per my live warnings, including the precision bottom.

The light green region is my live analyses in 2H-2016 and November 2016 calling for strong buys in steel stocks, metal stocks and raw material stocks (Refer to past track records attached below that had been time-stamped and tracked by followers worldwide). Many of my followers are already sitting on huge gains on steel/metal stocks such as USX-Steel Corp (NYSE), Angang (HKSE), Press metal (KLSE), Malaysia Steel (KLSE) and Southern Steel (KLSE).

  The series of high volume flows as indicated by the dark green volumes are all impulsive buy volumes which ate up everything at the sell queues on offer. There were not much unloads each time after the big buys occurred in the market, if there was any as indicated by the orange rectangular zone of volumes, these volumes were absorbed nicely by invisible hands. Most of the time only naive and ignorant retail investors and day traders are getting out at low prices but smart monies continuously took over the buy positions. 

Malaysia Steel Works also easily executed a gap-up with high volume recently in February of 2018, eating up everything at the sell queue on offer. This is done right after the worldwide fearful correction of February 2018. While everyone sells, the smart monies grabbed the opportunity to eat up everything on offer once again. This is a display of high confidence that the stock price is still very cheap based on future earnings this company is to continue to reap in.

Based on the entire series of volume flow, Malaysia Steel Works has yet another +100% profits upside from here. This gives Malaysia Steel Works the next target price of 2.70. This represents +563% returns from my 1H-2016 scoop-the-bottom operations, +281% returns from my November-2016 scoop the bottom operations and a +200% returns from my February-2018 scoop-the-bottom operations (for averaged up addition of buys on Steel-Metal stocks worldwide).

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Ratings:

Past Analysis on Steel and Metals Worldwide (Track Records):

(These trenders will continue to go trending up powerfully and widen the gap from the pack)

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