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Friday, 23 February 2018

Sembcorp Marine: 23 February 2018, Friday, 10.01am Singapore Time

Sembcorp Marine: 
23 February 2018, Friday, 10.01am Singapore Time
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Sembcorp Marine is using bad results of its Quarterly Corporate Report to violently shake out weak minded holders and investors. This shakeout is an important shakeout because the financial markets are brewing for a large new uptrend for crude oil related companies now. This shakeout will be very convincing and successful because it is done using bad news, and this usage of bad news to merely backtest large uptrend's double blue line supports will make weak minded investors and holders look very silly in 2019 and 2020 if they had indeed been bearish in 2018 because they use prevailing news to cloud their judgement. Markets are forward-looking  and pricing for $175-$180 per barrel crude oil, not current-looking nor even backwards looking for past results. 

For Sembmarine, how to catch bottom:
Enter in 3 batches:
One per mid-week starting from next week. 
Every wednesday enter 1 batch using Wednesday's opening price for 3 weeks

You will likely catch its bottom like how DBS bottom was caught at $16.00-$17.00 earlier by precision early bird followers using bad news. And DBS is now close to $30.00.

(Note: I am obliged to tell you that the above is not an inducement to trade or invest, and I bear no responsibility for your profits and losses. As a gentle reminder out of goodwill, never enter show hand everything in just 1 stock-equity, because there is always the fantastic 4 to average as a basket or that there are also other quality eggs out there to concoct with The Fantastic 4 for a pretty basket)

Best of Luck.

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