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Sunday, 18 February 2018

US Steel and Aluminium Tariffs on China: Insights

<< US Steel and Aluminium Tariffs on China: Insights >>

While US President Donald Trump often seem to appear to sound silly, he is probably some of the smartest US presidents around. He is fulfilling his election promise to punish China with tariffs yet he is not offending China nor compromising his close ties with President Xi Jinping. He is choosing to punish China with Steel and Aluminium Tariffs, the area where it will likely hurt the least for China. Such will be done without offending China, yet fulfilling his election promises. Steel and metals will be in high demand worldwide, with prices likely to keep on rising. Of all time within the universe of infinite space-time fabric, slapping the tariff now will not hurt relations nor induce much retaliation from Chinese side. China is giving Donald Trump the full cooperation by acting along as if they would mind it a lot. End of the story: a win-win for US and China, and economic prosperity and peace for all. In life, often it is not WYSIWYG, this is where brilliance truly lies.

As shared in 2H-2016 and entire 2017, Xi Jinping's One Belt One Road and Donald Trump's Infrastructure focus will require a lot of metals and steel. These are big projects and will spur a race for metals and steel worldwide.

Past Analysis on Steel and Metals Worldwide:

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