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Thursday, 21 January 2016

US Light Crude Oil Technical Analysis For Your Learning: 21 January 2016, Thursday, 1.08am Singapore Time

US Light Crude Oil: 
21 January 2016, Thursday, 1.08am Singapore Time

Attached above is the 4-hourly chart for US Light Crude Oil as well as my shorts entry, stop placed and exit point.

Previous analysis:

Took profits of the March-16-Expiry Oil positions on hand.
This is the 2nd last batch of oil shorts I have on hand and I am taking lucrative profits of this 2nd batch after the 2nd further crash in oil today, something I had been expecting.
I would judge oil bottoming out not far from here soon.
Thank you, Mr Oil Crash. I love you so much.

Above are the profits in ($) US Dollar (USD).
Below are the profits converted into (SD) Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Profits in this trade:
 +S$ 56,220 SGD

S$ 87,473 + S$ 56,220
= + S$ 143,693 SGD

Trading Journal:

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